Another wonderful work-study student we’re so lucky to have serving you in the SCE!

Lizzie Wendt is a soprano here at NEC studying vocal performance. This will not only be her second year attending the school, but her second year working in the School of Continuing Ed.’s office! I guess you could say she’s an expert, veteran, genius, etc. Lizzie is originally from Dallas, Texas where she graduated with honors from a performing arts magnet school. She doesn’t have an accent, but she does have a Texas-sized sweet tooth, and a permanent hunger for Texas barbeque and South American food from Central Mexico, Argentina, and El Salvador. If Lizzie wasn’t pursuing music she would either want to have a career as a Linguist or as a voice-over actor with her goal of being the next Disney princesses‘ voice! Feel free to pop by the office and say hello to her on Monday and Thursday afternoons! And definitely check out her wicked bulletin board decorating skills!

Lizzie rocks!

Thoughtfully yours,
Jenn Caraluzzi


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