NEC SCE Work-study Student Jessica Rost!

We love our work-study students here in the SCE. These NEC undergrads make it possible for us to give you all your SCE needs!

A little about our wonderful work-study Jessica Rost…..

Jess is currently a sophomore soprano at New England Conservatory studying Voice Performance.  She is completely obsessed with everything French and wants to be a fluent French speaker one day, ideally living and singing in Paris (or the Palace of Versailles if that’s not possible).  If being a Parisian doesn’t work out, Jessica would settle for being a Disney princess.  Jessica is also a very passionate baker and food lover.  She’s currently working on perfecting a macron, but she makes a mean cookie meanwhile.  Don’t ever ask Jessica where she’s from, she won’t have an answer (but it goes back and forth between Texas and Connecticut!).

We love Jess!

-Jenn Caraluzzi

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