“The instrument I liked the best was the violin because it can be delicate or harsh.”

What do kids make of classical music?

There is something so powerful about music, the connection that may not be made otherwise, the joy, excitement, and even sadness that one can experience all in one movement, verse, or even phrase. Sometimes it’s difficult to focus on the beauty in our world today complete with distractions and everyday struggles and conflicts. Are children, maybe not yet exposed to  sometimes harsh realities, able to see beauty and joy more easily than some of us adults? How does music effect them and what does it mean to them when they hear a voice, a guitar, a violin communicating a story?

This short video provokes such thought about music and its power. It reiterated the importance of sharing beautiful music, and in this case, a classical symphony, with our youth. Being the sponges they are, children can be extremely perceptive and and pick up on the subtleties and complexity of music. As you watch the short video, you can see classical music they heard in Sao Paulo completely blows their minds! Their initial understanding of classical music may have been different, as you can see in the video when they are asked. However, the pure excitement and joy they show as they are watching and listening so intently, is beautiful. There’s a gratitude I felt as I watched this video, knowing although there’s still a long way to go, we are bringing music to our children. Through El Sistema based programs this music is being heard and being played. I am so proud to say we have at NEC through our Continuing Education division, our El Sistema Fellows. Through their work all around the country and abroad, they’re able to bring their this music to communities that otherwise wouldn’t have music programs at all.

Children respond to music and we must continue to help them know and experience the beauty of it all.

I hope you enjoy the video, it certainly brightened my day! Stayed tuned for a post from one of our very own El Sistema Fellows here at NEC!

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